Breaking the Silence: Congo Week

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In addition to releasing feature documentaries, Caipirinha Productions has produced an ongoing series of short films that focus on particular issues and locations. We continue to be engaged in these various campaigns and will publish our new shorts here as soon as they are completed!

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Breaking the Silence: Congo Week

The Democratic Republic of the Congo's wealth of mineral resources continues to be a curse. Since militants from Uganda and Rwanda invaded the DRC in the mid-1990s, an ongoing war has claimed an average of 1,500 lives each day. The United States considers both of these neighboring countries to be allies, but it has neglected to effectively pressure them to halt the violence. Meanwhile, American and British corporations profit from the mining of minerals including coltan, which is central to manufacturing cell phones and other electronics devices we take for granted. Cultures of Resistance made a short film about the work of our ally, Friends of the Congo, which strives to raise consciousness about this situation and to support Congolese institutions that are working for peace.

The film is also available on Vimeo.