Hassan Samedi: Cartoons Against Corruption

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In addition to releasing feature documentaries, Caipirinha Productions has produced an ongoing series of short films that focus on particular issues and locations. We continue to be engaged in these various campaigns and will publish our new shorts here as soon as they are completed!

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Hassan Samedi: Cartoons Against Corruption

To many, Hassan Samedi’s work might not appear very dangerous, but the government of Afghanistan views it as a lethal threat. As a political cartoonist, Samedi criticizes the absurdities and contradictions of the state. Newspapers have been closed in response to his work, and he has received numerous threats for his commentary on government waste and the flawed rule of law under a U.S.-supported regime. This short film explores Samedi’s bold work and hears about the consequences he has faced for exercising freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

The film is also available on Vimeo.